Brian Keiser

Industrial 3D Modeler / Digital Artist

Stuart, Florida

Welcome to my Portfolio. I have always been interested in the designs of my surroundings and the artistic elements that describe their relationships to each other. The excitement of creating Vehicles, Environments, and Accessories while bringing them to life has always been the driving force behind my passion for art. I am fluent in Maya, Zbrush and Mudbox.

For my 2d designs, please check the links "Design and Concept Art" & "ACTS of Abstract ARt".

Hard Surface

  • MI-24d Helicopter
    MI-24d Helicopter
  • Top Rotor Engine
    Top Rotor Engine
  • MI- 24D Helicopter (LOW Polygon- Wire Breakdown)
    MI- 24D Helicopter (LOW Polygon- Wire Breakdown)
  • Steam Engine: Concept Model 4-10-4
    Steam Engine: Concept Model 4-10-4


  • The Cavern
    The Cavern
  • Cavern (Diffuse Render)
    Cavern (Diffuse Render)
  • Cavern (Scene Asset)
    Cavern (Scene Asset)
  • Cavern (U.V. / Normal Map)
    Cavern (U.V. / Normal Map)


  • Pilot Vest
    Pilot Vest
  • Pilot Helmet
    Pilot Helmet
  • Pilot Boots
    Pilot Boots
  • Pilot T-pose
    Pilot T-pose


  • The Shack - Environment - (Look Development)
    The Shack - Environment - (Look Development)
  • Warehouse (pre visualization)
    Warehouse (pre visualization)

Works IN Progress

  •  Construction Mech Recovery Truck (WIP)
    Construction Mech Recovery Truck (WIP)
  • Concept Rally Car (WIP)
    Concept Rally Car (WIP)
  • Space Explorer Mech (WIP)
    Space Explorer Mech (WIP)